Modern Horse Training

Alexandra Kurland does it again! World know horse trainer and behavior expert, just released a new book called Modern Horse Training, A construction training guide to becoming your horse’s best friend.

“Good training makes it easy for your horse to be right.”

Alexandra Kurland

I have listed to Alex’s podcast, Equiosity, for several years and waited for the day when I could get my hands on some of her wisdom. When 2020 changed the world, Alexandra took a step back from doing training in person. This meant, by the time I had really started to focus on Alex’s teachings with horses of my own, I was too late to attend a clinic. Fortunately, this allowed her the time and space to publish a useful tool for book lovers like myself.

If you don’t already subscribe to her podcast, Equiosity worth a listen to at least one episode. Alexandra and co-host Dominique Day, share their show with other professionals as well as non-pros! My favorite episodes are when Alex and Domonique discuss virtual class feedback and how the classes changed the lives of so many mindful horse lovers.

Alex has been teasing a new book in recent episodes and I couldn’t believe my ears when she said it was available this week. I rushed to my iPhone and purchased a paperback copy and a kindle copy to read while I am waiting on my physical book. If I can give you any words of advice, buy yourself a pen, highlighter, and a notebook because this book is going to get your creative thoughts flowing.

I can’t wait to go outside, tonight when the ponies come up for dinner, and show them! I bet they will be excited too. What a fun way to spend the summer together, getting to know each other even better.

From the ranch,

Heinzig Ranch

Cooper, TX