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Meet the Heinzig’s

We are Karen & Steve Heinzig 👋 Together, we own and operate our 15-acre Texas Longhorn ranch. Our ranch is much more than an agricultural business, it is a Positive Reinforcement Ranch Retreat and Training Center for bovines, canines and equines.

Karen is an accomplished Canine Behavior Consultant and Behavior Specialist focusing on dogs with behavior challenges such as reactivity, aggression, fear, anxiety and hyper-arousal. Her favorite breed of dog is an Akita. 

Steve is The BEST Dog Dad ever. He likes to spend time with our boarding guests when possible and gives them lots of scratchings. His favorite breed of dog is a Pit Bull.

The Heinzig’s are committed to providing a safe place for dogs with behavior challenges.


Welcome to our ranch

My name is Karen Heinzig and, since 2008, I have spent my life dedicated to making the lives of dogs with behavior challenges better.

Our kennel was created for special dogs that need our care. We understand that boarding is stressful for dogs so we aim to provide a low-stress environment filled with lots of one-on-one interaction, indoor enrichment and training, as well as plenty of quiet rest opportunities in between play times.

We also share our ranch with several horses, Texas Longhorn Cattle, Barn Cats, and our own dogs. Dogs who visit the ranch will might get to meet Lily, one of our dogs, because she takes it as her personal goal to play with as many friendly dogs as she can. If your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, that’s okay too. It is not required that anyone play together.

I strongly believe that all animals can be cared for using low-stress, positive handling and training to achieve your goals. I have dedicated the rest of my career to learning more about teaching people and their horses as well as continuing the life changing help we provide for many pet owners already.

Lily is ready to play with friendly dogs!

More about my journey into training horses…

In 2021, we adopted several horses and I have not stopped learning about them since. Over the past few years, I have spent many hours in lessons and at clinics, I have shown in several shows and placed higher than I could have imagined in many of them. I have spent countless hours devouring books, articles, websites, and podcasts about owning and training horses – similar to how I studied when I was learning about dog behavior. There is so much to learn and so much that has yet to be learned about horses. If you are interested in learning more about our work with Positive Reinforcement Training for Horses, check out our social media channels to see what we are up to.

What’s Included

Climate-controlled kennel facility (Heat/Air)

60″x65″ Indoor Kennel for each dog 

Raised Kuranda Bed

Comfy blankets

Free choice toys from our toy box

Fresh water and clean bowls

Treats everyday!

Food Enrichment everyday!

Audio Enrichment everyday! Dogs love Country Music but we also listen to Jazz, Reggae, Classical, and Talk Radio

Outdoor play yards for private or group play

24 hour video monitoring system in kennels and play yards

Daily medication or special diet management

What to bring

Details about your pet’s needs so we can make them as comfortable as possible during their stay.

Your dog’s food and medication 

Collar or harness and leash for arrival and departure

Special treats your pet may require

If you send any personal items, please label them with your dog’s name and we will do our best to get them back to you. 

We also have a refrigerator for any items that need to be kept cold.

How to Book

Click the New Guest Registration button below.

Reservations are by appointment only. It is recommended that you give 2-4 weeks advance notice for all reservations. Holidays may require up to 4 months advance notice. Reservations are available up to 1 year in advance.

About our Training

We provide behavior modification training for dogs with reactivity, aggression, anxiety, fear and hyper-arousal. We provide positive reinforcement training in a force free, low-stress environment. 

Your dog will receive several training sessions each day and a detailed video each week including all the training your dog has learned and instructions on how to maintain the behavior. 

We use a combination of low value and high value reinforcers combined with environmental management to reinforce your dog for the desired behaviors. 

Each dog receives a custom training plan fit to accomplishing your training goals. 



“Thank you!! I cannot tell you what a relief to have someone home with him the whole time! Really appreciate it!!

Bexar’s Momma

Thank you so much for everything you did while we were gone! Omg, it’s like you were never here, you left no trace. The dogs and cats are relaxed and healthy, like we never left. And I have to say, this was the first trip ever for me that I didn’t stress or worry at all. I just knew our babies and home were in exceptional hands. 

Sidney and L.E.

Meet Gigi

JoAnn, known to us as Gigi, is our In Home Care provider. Everyone who meets Gigi loves her as much as we do. Gigi loves all kinds of pets but she has a special fondness for small dogs, “the littles” we call them, and house ponies. 

Some of her favorite things are coffee in the morning and barrel racing with her horse, Maggie.

What’s Included

On Check In Day, our Provider will arrive to your house about 30 minutes before you leave to go over any care instructions. For this reason, we do not require any meeting in your home before your reservation.

Our Provider will stay with your pet 24 hours a day until Check Out Day. There are rare occasions that we may need to run an errand during your reservation, you will be notified if this is the case.

During our stay, we will send you daily updates, including pictures. Your pet will enjoy the comfort of their own home and your home will be looked after while you are away. 

You can expect to find your home just as you left it when you return without traces of a house guest. We can check mail, water plants, move trash cans as requested.

You can provide a tip sheet with details about your pet’s schedule so we can make them as comfortable as possible while you are away. 

On Check Out Day, we can stay with your pet until you get home, or we will leave as soon as 15 minutes before you get home. Most pets don’t even realize we are gone until they notice you have gotten home. We like low stress greeting and departures.

How to Book

We are now accepting new In Home Care clients on our Waitlist.

Reservations for In Home Care are open to existing clients, click the Returning Guest button below.

Reservations are approved based on the availability of our caregivers. We accept reservations up to 1 year in advance.

If you are signing up for our Waitlist, we will contact you if a space opens up for the dates that you submit in your request.

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions about our services or if our services are right for your dog? Click on the New Guest button, fill out the information and I will reach out within 24 hours to schedule a 15 minute FREE Consultation.

You can also email questions to info@heinzigranch.com

Want to learn more?

Follow our social media channels for more information and updates about happenings at the ranch.

Check out some of our favorite products, that we always keep stocked at the kennel: OUR FAVORITE STUFF & THINGS

Heinzig Ranch 2023

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